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The Writing Coach Podcast with Rebecca L. Weber

May 21, 2020

This is a followup to last week’s episode. Instead of coming up with a sophisticated justification for resisting pitching, this week we’re looking at two types of overpitching.

Overpitching type 1 is when you are full on pitching. Pitching the socks off of every single story. You become a pitching warrior. If your goal is one assignment, you pitch so hard and so often and so quickly that you likely wind up with several. Many freelancers are in denial that this is what they need to do to reach their goals.

Overpitching type 2 is when you are quite good at pitching, but you’re sending out too many pitches, and getting work you don’t actually want or need. This is a different kind of resistance—where you don’t accept that the goals you’ve set and achieved are enough.


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