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The Writing Coach Podcast with Rebecca L. Weber

Jun 22, 2021

Glossing over achieving goals, and the milestones along the way to those goals, doesn’t allow us to really recognize or appreciate all that we’re doing right as freelancers. Sure, there is intrinsic value in a job well done, but it’s also useful to pause and intentionally celebrate those wins as well. Ignoring achievements, or of “rewarding” ourselves with either the next task or an admonishment that we took too long or didn’t do quite a good enough job, doesn’t help motivate us to take on the next challenge.

Seeking out what’s working—and celebrating your wins—gives you more access to the creative problem solving part of your brain, and to a state of flow.

Don’t feel like you have much in your writing life to celebrate right now? Let’s start small—smaller than your habitually non-celebrating mind thinks makes sense—and reframe your outlook.

WCP 96: Winning
WCP 20: Setting freelance writer goals
WCP 32: Setting freelance writer goals, Vol. II
WCP 45: Setting freelance writer goals, Volume III
WCP 59: Setting freelance writer goals, Vol. IV
WCP 1: What’s your problem?
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