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The Writing Coach Podcast with Rebecca L. Weber

Oct 24, 2019

Movie trailers are a brief preview of what’s to come. We’re all willing to watch for two minutes—IF it’s any good. In a minute or two, we usually know if we’re in (“Ooh, I want to see that one!”) or if it’s a hard pass.

What we never see is the screenwriter, director, or a critic talking to the camera and telling us what the film is about, what they think of it, how much we’ll enjoy it, etc. None of that. Not from the studio who wants us to make a decision to spend out time and money watching the film.

And yet writers do the equivalent in their pitches all the time—telling us about a topic rather than showing us a story.

What’s happens in the ones that do get us interested? Listen into today’s episode.


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Bonus episode: Freelance Writer Bootcamp alumni discuss what the program’s really like

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