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The Writing Coach Podcast with Rebecca L. Weber

Apr 4, 2023

Every three months marks a turn of seasons, and a refresh of the financial quarter. It’s the perfect time for an evaluation. 

Pausing to review and reflect on what’s actually happened allows you to plan from a more grounded place.

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WCP 50: Self evaluations

When done properly, self evaluation will give you precise insights into exactly what you need to change, providing momentum and a clear answer to “What should I do now?” 

Episode 50 shares three questions that can be used to uplevel nearly any aspect of your freelancing.

WCP 156: Evaluations and entitlement

The better you are at identifying the reasons why you are and aren’t getting the work you want, the more growth and control you’ll have over your freelance writing life.

Sometimes resistance to evaluation comes from a place of entitlement, or a sense that you have a right to a certain assignment.

This episode looks at the impact of evaluating yourself routinely, and how unrecognized entitlement can interfere with the process.

WCP 209 Archives: Year-end pitching

As freelancers, we get to set our own schedules, and match the days and hours that best suit hours with clients that are sympatico. Few, if any, assigning editors strictly work 9-5, Monday to Friday, and take off all public holidays.

Episode 209 will help you reframe when to pitch. This perspective in this episode has resulted in numerous listeners landing assignments that they otherwise would have delayed pitching.

WCP 116 Lights out

South Africa’s electricity crisis has greatly worsened, and is expected to do more so in July. This episode is all about freelancing when things you might have taken for granted–like 24/7 electricity and wifi–aren’t available.

WCP 171 Seasons and cycles

I respond to the seasons that change with the earth’s shifting weather and daylight hours. Here are some thoughts about the correlation between seasons and financial quarters.

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