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The Writing Coach Podcast with Rebecca L. Weber

Dec 7, 2021

When you’re interviewing a source for an article, you’d want to do some followup if they said: “I don’t know how a key part of my job works.” You’d ask the question again, or come at it from a different perspective.

It should be the same when you wonder why you did (or didn’t) get assigned a story idea you pitched. If your default is “I don’t know,” you’re not using the power of evaluation and reflection to show you the way forward in your next pitch. 

The better you are at identifying the reasons why you are and aren’t getting the work you want, the more growth and control you’ll have over your writing life.

Sometimes resistance to evaluation comes from a place of entitlement, or a sense that you have a right to a certain assignment. Today’s episode looks at the impact of evaluating yourself routinely, and how unrecognized entitlement can interfere with the process.


Sustainable freelance writer success

Wednesday, December 8

I’ll teach you a proven blueprint for pitching and selling freelance article ideas; how to turn a once-off assignment into an ongoing gig; and my very best tip for getting silent editors to respond to you.

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