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The Writing Coach Podcast with Rebecca L. Weber

Jun 8, 2021

Are your pitches in demand with editors?

Making sure the quality and clarity of how your pitch addresses the needs and perspectives of your publication’s readers is essential for connecting with assigning editors.

Following through on what you’ve promised is just as important for long-term relationships. When the editor receives your story, they think, “Oh yes, this is just what we agreed on and then some.” [Of course, “then some” refers to rigorous reporting, elegant writing, or similar—NOT a bloated word count that they have to trim back.]

Overdelivery—the simplicity of doing a good job and exceeding expectations—is powerful. It’s what leads you both to wanting to continue to working together.

Pitching and then writing an assigned article are both external skillsets that are greatly influenced and fueled by your attitude and mindset.

Think about how you approach a pitch differently if it’s for anybody who wants it as a single, once-off gig vs. if it is for one editor who you’re going to write a dozen stories for.

What’s different in your approach when you only intend to pitch a single idea to an editor, or when this pitch will be linked to your pitches for this same editor next week, next month, next quarter?

Let’s look at what it really takes to not just pitch on demand, but to truly be in demand as a freelance writer.


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We cover all the external skills to improve your pitch acceptance rate, and the internal mindset work to keep you from getting in your own way.

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