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The Writing Coach Podcast with Rebecca L. Weber

Oct 11, 2022

With apologies to Toni Morrison, the Writing Coach Podcast is the show I wanted to hear … so I recorded a couple of hundred episodes of it. 

Today I’m going behind the scenes: Why I started making this podcast (and why you might want to start or continue one—or choose to be on other people’s shows instead); my workflow, including content generation; and the mindset minefield I ran into and learned from.

For me, the biggest mindset bugabear has been consistency. If you’ve been subscribed all along, you may have noticed that I did NOT publish an episode every single week on the same day for the past four years.

That clashes with conventional advice to be consistent. Having a clear schedule that you stick with can provide structure and reliability, but telling yourself that you “should be consistent” doesn’t change things—and can just make things worse in terms of production. Shame slows things down.

In this episode, I also share how changing my relationship with consistency (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with will power) helped me recommit to my goals after I had covid.

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